Therapeutic Massage and it’s Benefits

There is evidence that massage therapy releases sore contracted muscles, and can help manage stress, boost morale, and increase energy through increased circulation. It also improves one’s body awareness to help achieve a better state of health. Therapeutic massage helps you become aware of unconsciously held tension and how it feels to relax. Allowing a massage therapist to give you the care and comfort of a relaxing massage gives you much needed emotional support in a time of stress. Massage whether it be for pain management or stress relief/relaxation is a valuable step in your health care.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a light to medium full-body massage designed to relax the body and reduce overall stress. This is a very calming and relaxing therapeutic treatment.

Custom Therapeutic Massage

A variety of specific massage techniques will be chosen based on your individual condition. These therapeutic massage treatments relieve muscular pain and correct imbalances.  This is a moderate to firm massage.

Basic Pregnancy Relaxation Massage

Prenatal massage improves circulation while reducing discomfort and fatigue. Pregnancy massage helps to alleviate neck and back pain related to postural and muscular changes. This therapeutic massage relaxes both mother and baby through nourishing touch.

On-Site Workplace or Event Chair Massage

Businesses seeking to reduce stress, improve workplace morale and enhance the health and productivity of employees are turning to workplace massage.

An empty office or corner can be transformed into a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat. The ten to 15-minute massage is designed to relax muscles so employees can return to work refreshed, renewed, and with an enhanced sense of concentration, mental clarity, and well-being. Workers experience immediate relief from pain associated with repetitive stress injuries and poor posture.

A custom-designed massage chair, adaptable to most body sizes is used to ensure client comfort. The person remains fully clothed during the massage. This therapeutic massage includes the upper body, head, neck, arms and hands.

For the workplace or event: A minimum of three hours is required for a visit.  This is negotiable if you have a smaller staff or event.

Business Massage Rewards Program

Business Massage Rewards are an attractive choice for companies of all sizes that want a high-value health and wellness benefit.  Massage Rewards vouchers can be used for:


Anniversaries/ birthdays

Thank you’s

Retiree gifts

In-Home Chair Massage Parties

Would you enjoy receiving a free chair massage for hosting a gathering in your home?  This is a fun and relaxing way to de-stress.  Provide some refreshments and I provide the massage.  I require a minimum of six to eight guests.