As my gift to you this Christmas/Holiday Season

Purchase a one-hour massage for only $50!  Offer expires 12/24/17.  You may print your certificate from the gift certificate tab, and call me to pay.  All charge cards accepted.


Harmony Within Therapeutic Massage


Massage therapy is my passion, and I am inspired to assist people in achieving their Harmony Within.  I feel a responsibility to myself to be well emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I want to share my passion and commitment with everyone to feel harmonious.  

My treatment room is a calming space where clients may take a break from their busy lives and treat themselves to the  healthful and serene experience of a massage. I listen carefully to each individual’s needs and health concerns with a goal of reaching wellness and vitality.  With compassion, my caring and skillful hands soothe muscles and relieve tension. 

My practice allows me to make a contribution to my community being a better place for all of us. I look for opportunities to serve, and I volunteer my time regularly to show my gratefulness.  I have a positive outlook and am aware each day of the many blessings in my life such as family, friends, health, and a comfortable home. These things are more important to me than material possessions.  Each day, I use my best intention to be a good person to myself and others.  

I am very thankful for and appreciative of my clients.  They arrive and leave satisfied.  They feel my genuine concern for their well-being.  Their positive experience encourages them to spread the word and refer others to me.  I am encouraged to continue providing them with positive, healing touch.  I would appreciate the honor of helping you to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.